Rotating Trommel Screen is installed upstream of installations of selection municipal solid waste and maintain the screening of municipal solid waste exploiting the different size from they possess. The system have the function of separating the feed stream into two streams. The separation of the individual parts placed in a current of fall, properly fed, takes place according to the different particle sizes.

WORKING PRINCIPLES OF Rotating Trommel Screen

  • Rotating trommel screen is to sort the waste by hole size of the long drum.

  • Different sizes of the holes are sorting the materials of different types (less than 80mm for Inerts like sand, broken glass, ceramic and stone, 80mm to 200mm for recyclable plastics and 200mm to 300mm for paper and big plastics).

  • The individual parts behave separately parts having sizes lower than the diameter of the holes of the network sieving fall to the bottom of the machine, the parts having size greater than the diameter of the holes’ network sieving advancing upwards of the machine, following the rotational movement, in the direction of exit and fall into the discharge hopper arranged to the surroundings great.
  • Rotating Trommel Screen

    Benefits Of Waste Sorting Line Rotating Trommel Screen

    Sorting different sizes by the drum holes and rotating speed.

    Excellent sorting for organic materials from mixed wastes.

    Separating wastes of large size.

    Sorting inerts of small sizes.

    Side door for easy maintenance.

    Suitable pre-treatment for automatic waste sorting plant.

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