Medical Waste Sorting Plant

Our Medical Waste Sorting Plants is for segregating all kinds of medication, which has expired, unusable or which is no longer used for health-care or diagnostic activities. Sharps, waste entailing risk of contamination, anatomical, infectious, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic, chemical waste, waste containing heavy metals, pressurized containers, radioactive waste include to hazardous medical wastes.

Segregation process of Medical Waste Sorting Plants

  • Medical waste can be infectious, contain toxic chemicals and risks to both people and the environment.

  • The area where medical waste is stored has to be ventilated and clearly labeled with signs to minimize accessibility to the general public.

  • After the waste is removed for treatment, each container has to be disinfected immediately.

  • It deals with wastes that are created in the course of surgical, medical, laboratory and radiological activities with the exception of specialties such as oncology, nuclear medicine orprosthetic/orthotic workshops.

  • It deals mainly with so-called hazardous or special medical waste except for genotoxic waste such as cytotoxic substances or radioactive material, which are wastes that ICRC health care activities generally do not produce.
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