Waste Metal Sorting Plant

Waste Sorting Line is a company with years of experience on manufacturing waste metal sorting plant and waste sorting machines. Our machines was specifically designed for the metal recovery industry. The principle of our metal sorting machines is based on the material is analysed for its chemical composition. Various sorting parts can be accomplished with the same sorting machines using preset sorting programs making the use of this technology and versatile.


  • Waste metal sorting involves separating metals from the mixed scrap metal stream or the mixed multi-material waste stream.

  • In automated recycling operations, magnets and sensors are used to aid in material separation.

  • At the entrepreneurial level, scrappers may employ a magnet, as well as to observe the material color or weight to help determine the metal type.

  • For example, aluminum will be silver and light. Other important colors to look for are copper, yellow (for brass) and red, for red brass.

  • Scrappers will improve the value of their material by segregating clean metal from the dirty material.

Waste Metal Sorting
  • To allow further processing, metals are shredded. Shredding is done to promote the melting process as small shredded metals have a large surface to volume ratio.

  • As a result, they can be melted using comparatively less energy. Normally, aluminum is converted into small sheets, and steel is changed into steel blocks.


Sorting of shredded end-of-life-vehicles.

Sorting of shredded white goods.

Recycling of slags and ashes.

Recovery of precious metals and refractory metals from scrap metal and residues from combustion.

Sorting of aluminum alloys containing copper and zinc in varying concentrations.

Separation of aluminum from heavy metals.


  • Surface contaminations do not influence the high recovery efficiency.

  • Colour-independent detection allows sorting of grey metals.

  • Various alloys can be separated (brass and bronze, various stainless steel alloys, etc.).

  • Flexible and versatile.

  • Highest purity at highest capacity.

  • Detection and separation of individual elements is possible.

  • Indefinite sorting logic variations.

Advantages Of Waste Metal Sorting
  • Designed for numerous metal recovery applications.

  • Unmatched metal identification accuracy.

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