Waste Plastic Sorting Plant

Waste Sorting Line is a high quality waste sorting machine producing company with years of experience in the filed. The company dedicated to create unique custom design machines to who want to enter the waste sorting business anywhere in the world. As a manufacturer of waste sorting machines, we can build highly efficient waste plastic sorting plants that you exactly need. Our biggest purpose is customer satisfaction both installation and after sales services. Getting more information about our turnkey waste plastic sorting plants please contact us, we are ready to make something great together.


  • Waste plastic sorting is separation of plastic from various types of waste streams.

  • The sorting of plastic is a very essential step in different waste management technique including manual and automated.

  • Manual sorting is suitable when plastic component are present in large amount but it is a labor intensive process.

  • In automated sorting technique offers great advantage but not suited for dark coloured plastic and can be used on transparent bodies.
  • What is waste plastic sorting


  • At the start of the sorting line, a bag opener ensures that the waste is ready for sorting.

  • The mixed plastic waste is then fed though a film separator.

  • This removed film to prevent it impeding the rest of the sorting process.

  • The waste is then fed through a trommel sieve, which separates the waste by size.

  • Small fines fall through and, after passing through a magnetic sorter to remove ferrous metal, form a residual waste fraction.

  • Medium and large sized plastic waste is then fed into wind shifters to separate heavy and light plastic fractions, and ballistic separators to separate rolling (3D) waste and flat (2D) waste.

  • The flat and light plastic waste is combined to form a plastic foil material fraction.
  • Process of waste plastic sorting plant
  • The heavy, rolling plastic from the ballistic separator is then passed through a magnetic sorter to extract the ferrous metal components, after which the plastic waste is suitable for a series of NIR sorting processes, which separate different plastic types by identifying and mechanically removing them (often by air blast or flipper) from the waste stream.

  • For PET and PP, further ballistic processes are used to sort 3D and 2D elements. Most sorting plants also use manual sorting as quality assurance at the end of the process for each material type.


    Thanks to innovative sorting technology and high quality performance our system of separating plastic wastes is handle most difficult contaminated plastics orderly.


    Waste Sorting Line’s system is available for 24 hours working non-stop operation. Optimized design and top brand components to each module.


    Waste Sorting Line’s system is designed in all details for efficiency improving. The operating costs and maintenance costs are absolutely reduced. Consistently the lowest investment costs and highest value creation!


    Waste Sorting Line’s system is a flexible modular system. All elements required by any customer for different application could be combined freely. This design reduces planning, construction and assembly time effectively.


    Intelligent automatic module control of Waste Sorting Line’s operating system. One Main control panel with modern touch display for efficient interaction of all component. Multi-language available for operating system.


    Waste Sorting Line’s system is a flexible and customer-oriented waste sorting solution. Building design, overseas installation and training are available. Consistently quick and careful service in pre-sales and after-sales process.

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