Waste To Energy Processing Plant

As we are manufacturer of waste sorting machines, always support to waste recycling business with extra effort because the one of our biggest purpose is to help mother nature recovery itself quickly. Waste to energy processing plant converts municipal (household) and industrial solid waste into electricity and heat for industrial processing and for district heating systems, an ecologically sound, cost effective means of energy recovery. Waste to energy plant works by burning waste at high temperatures and using the heat to make steam and then the steam drives a turbine that creates electricity.


  • Waste to energy processing plants are an integrated part of the circular economy.

  • Waste to energy processing plants works by burning all the waste at high temperatures to destroy chemicals and remove them from the loop.

  • This heat is then transformed into energy. The steam then drives a turbine that creates electricity and surplus heat which can be used for district heating or cooling.

  • In this process, we also recover clean water, valuable metals and construction materials from the waste. Waste to energy is simple the most ecologically sound way of turning residual waste into energy, that goes straight back into our community.
Working Principles of Waste To Energy Processing Plant


Provide an alternative and more environment friendly source of energy.

Waste that would have normally gone to landfills is diverted to an energy processing unit thereby saving valuable land.

Avoid methane emission from landfills.

On generating energy from waste, the carbon emission that would have been generated from a fossil fuel soruce is avoided.

The waste to energy plants are generally setup locally it creates jobs.

Using of waste to generate electricity can help reduce fluctuations of price.

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