Automatic Waste Sorting Plants

Automatic Waste Sorting is based on high technological level system with minimum usage of manpower. It is the most complex and technologically advanced type of waste sorting. Automatic Waste Sorting Plants work by itself with little or no direct human control. In large towns and cities waste are separated by these plants.

How do Automatic Waste Sorting Plants work?

  • Sorting of waste by size and removing the organic by drum screens.

  • Effective separation of waste according to different physical characteristics and classifying the flow of waste into heavy and rolling (3D), flat and light (2 D) and sieved fractions by ballistic separators.

  • Segregation of waste by a controlled air flow in air separators.

  • Sending the waste to the automatic sorting phase.

  • Automatic separation of waste in storage conveyors.
  • Automatic Waste Sorting Plant

    Automatic waste sorting plants allow to minimize the use of personnel on the line and can successfully sort the waste into organic, plastic, metal, and solid etc.
    Because the whole process is fully automatic, which not only to avoid manual mistake but also to reduce labor cost.


    1. Plate Feeder:

      Quick and easy plate loading

    2. Gravity Separator:

      The separation of any kind of waste for its identical size but with different weights

    3. Material Spreader:

      Being spread uniformly

    4. Bag Breaker:

      Crushing the trash or garbage bags without damaging the commodities and including those wastes in the process

    5. Sealed Belt Conveyor:

      Transporting waste


    Automatic Waste Sorting Plant

    1. Rotating Screening Machine:

      Selection of the iron materials through the magnetic separation system and sorting organic matters

    2. Comprehensive Winnowing Machine:

      Separation of the light, heavy and combustible waste materials

    3. Manual Sorting Platform:

      Sorting out waste by hands for pressing and packing

    4. Automatic Hydraulic Packing Machine:

      Packing light materials

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