Semi-Automatic Waste Sorting Plants

Semi-automatic waste sorting plants provides, compared to the previous manual case, the inclusion of some machines aimed to decrease the number of staff employed and/or improve the quality of the selected waste fractions. In addition to essential machinery at the sorting line beginning, such as a drum screen that removes the organic and/or separates by size or a ballistic separator which separates the light and flat and the heavy and rolling fractions from powders, in this type of plant there could be air separators to separate from the flow plastic films and light packaging, storage conveyors, non-ferrous separators, optic separators, balers etc. Each of these machines leads to a more automatic process, allowing to decrease the number of employees in both phases of selection and handling / management of waste.

How do Semi-automatic Waste Sorting Plants work?

  • Sorting of waste by size and removing the organic by drum screens.

  • Effective separation of waste according to different physical characteristics and classifying the flow of waste into heavy and rolling (3D), flat and light (2 D) and sieved fractions by ballistic separators.

  • Segregation of waste by a controlled air flow in air separators.

  • Sending the waste to the automatic sorting phase.

  • Automatic separation of waste in storage conveyors with the help of decreased number of employees.
  • This type of waste sorting plant aimed to decrease the number of personnel and improve the quality of the selected waste fractions.

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