Trash Sorting Plant separates dry waste materials such as used paper, plastic, metal, wood and so on. These dry waste materials can be combustible and non combustible. The combustible waste materials such as a paper, wood, furniture, rubber, plastic.etc are able to catch fire and burn easily. The non combustible trash consists of waste like glass, tin, aluminum, etc and requires specific high temperatures to burn.


  1. Plate Conveyor

    Pouring the trash into the plate conveyor by the crane.

  2. Trash Separator

    The separation of big sized trash automatically or by manual power.

  3. Trash Spreader

    Cracking of trash in shredding equipment.

  4. Bag Breaker

    Crushing the plastics and packing them directly.

  5. Round Sifter

    Separating metal through the magnetic separator and segregation of organic material for making fertilizers.

  6. Comprehensive Trash Treatment Plant

    Getting combustible material for generating electric.

  7. Trash Sorter

    Dividing of trash into plastic, metal, papers and etc.


Trash Sorting Plant
  • High operation efficiency.
  • Working continuously for 24 hours without stop.
  • Advanced design concept.
  • Collecting, compressing, separating and transferring trash with top technology.

Plants by Dry and Wet Waste Segregation

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